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I mentioned this previosuly, but as expected the month of September has turned my life into a whirlwind of shit. Don’t get me wrong life isn’t horrible and I’m not about to jump of a cliff or start writing shitty emo poetry. I actually love this tidal wave of stress.

It’s been a while since I’ve tried to pack so much on my plate, not since March when I was sentenced to a weekend in Ottawa for the energy efficiency awards, has so much happened in such little time. So what’s so pressing you may ask? (or actually don’t give a rat’s arse about) First off I’m trying to wrap up all loose ends before my immediate departure at the end of the month while transitioning into my new role with Element Software. In addition, I am also trying to revitalize a few of the lingering side projects that I have been working on, (music-critic redesign , another side project and my personal portfolio page.) all while turning c.turner into a heartless corporation. Nothing like filling incorporation forms to make things a little more interesting.

So I’m feeling like there is a giant square block is lodge in my brain and it’s shielding out any possibility of cultivating creative thought. Which unfortunately means the content on ctoverdrive is starting to suffer a bit and I apologize. But once things die down again I promise to continue writing my ridiculous events and links. As an added benefit I promise to spice up the site a little more.

On a side note, as always I’ve been keeping an eye out for instances when the concept of a blog is utilized to its full potential, especially in Canada. I’ve mentioned it before but’s series of blogs are finally starting to build the sort of traffic and attention that blogs can. The biggest example is the two blogs by Dan Murphy and Sean The Dude McCormick. On one side you have McCormick proudly showing his misguided Oilers pride and on the other you’ve got Dan Murphy trying to defend his beloved Canucks. Its light hearted, juvenile and fun. It’s entertaining stuff and it is just starting to escalate. Besides when was the last time you saw two co-workers airing out their dirty laundry like this? This is the sort of buzz and entertainment is the sort of positive activity blogs can create.

I’m pointing to this out, because with the cowardly actions of Kimveer Gill yesterday in Montreal, I’m sure the media is going to have a field day with his shitty blog on The thing to remember is that Web Logs are nothing more than a tool. They are not something the general media should fear and individuals who maintain a personal blog are not inherently evil. It’s not like when you start-up a blog, there is a giant button that asks if you want to suddenly become manically depressed and/or evil. Maybe on there is. Or maybe grown adults who are Vampire Freaks are just plain screwed up in the head.

I want to believe that the Canadian media won’t paint all blogs (and all bloggers) with such a vague brush stroke. But I doubt it. While, most bloggers and people might be able to shrug this connection off, there are others who will misinterpret web logs as these nasty evil vehicles for kids who weren’t hugged by their mother enough. I’m worried about the sort of reaction these individuals have when they find out their five new employees have been keeping a myspace blog for the past three years. All these kids with myspace blogs have got to grow up right?

Can you say Dooce’d?

Who knows maybe it is a good time to become a consultant.

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