CrackPipe: Supernova Monday September 11, 2006

We’ve invented a new game, which makes watching RockStar: Supernova, that much more entertaining. It’s called which of the four finalists will enter rehab over the next year. My money’s on Luckas. Sure he’s a good ol’ Canadian boy and he’s got flare and showmanship, but that boy is two steps away from stumbling around the streets of Seattle ala Scott Weiland.

Update: God damn. It looks like the Canadian won. I know this is pretty weak to admit, but I kind of like Headspin.

Speaking of Rockstars, the legendary subversive guerrilla artist Banksy made a bold artistic attack on Paris Hilton over the past couple of weeks. Essentially Bansky went into numerous HMV’s in England and replaced the Paris Hilton CD, with his own doctored version. Jason Kottke has posted a couple of links to the flickr photos of the doctored CD’s.

Speaking of rehab, Kristen sent me a series of photos from a night at the Vicious circle last September. They are simply awesome. Not because we look stupid, but because of the reckless stupidity in each pose. Yes, we are wasted and we are trying to look stupid, but that’s the point. Too many people are too stuck up in photos, live a little. Make taking a picture worth while. I’ve been pilling on a lot of stress the past few days and these photos have had me laughing my ass off.

Ninnious Maximus

By the way, the funniest of the set has me shoving my figures up both of my nostrils. I don’t think anyone wants to see that.

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