SXSW: Slapped Around by The US of A Monday March 13, 2006

So this morning I literally got bitch slapped by the American Flag. I was sitting on the hotel patio enjoying my free yogurt and assorted baked products. When WHAM! I get a face full of the red and white strips. Two seconds later another WHAM! Alright so sitting beside two Texas-sized flags on a very breezy Texas morning wasn’t the smartest idea. But really what the hell did i do? I’m sorry America, I wasn’t really trash talking you last night. I just don’t understand why your money can’t be different colors.

Now that I think about it on a whole I deserved the slapping around as yesterday was sort of a so-so day. I’ll admit that I did wake up with a slight hangover this morning and because of it, I’m going to have to officially end the “no-hang-over“ streak at 25 days. This is somewhat of a disappointed, but I knew staying stone sober this weekend was going to be a monumental task. It wasn’t a bad night, but I have to stay somewhat true to myself. So today the streak starts anew.

Either way yesterday’s two morning talks on “Social Responsibility and Design” and “Making Life Easier through Smaller Design” were horrible. Maybe some cynicism is starting to leak through, but personally I associate socially responsible with giving back to the community, aiding homelessness or bridging the gap between the classes. I am always turned off when the notion that a more intuitive play button for your ipod or more intuitive websites make for a better society. Alright maybe jet lag is starting to get to me.

I caught the Henry Rollins film interview at noon and that was easily the saving grace of yesterday. As always Rollins was was filled to the brim with piss and vinegar. I truly admire Rollings not just for his opinions but for his aura of personality, his try everything attitude and infectious loyalty towards his literary idols.

Henry Rollins @ SXSW

Side note: Here is my best video-piracy of Rollins @ SXSWRollinsEntrance.MPG

In the afternoon, while Ian went caught some much needed rest, I high tailed it towards the U of T campus. In a two hours gap between Rollins and the Webbies, I managed to take some photos of the Texas State Capital building and the outskirts of the U of T.

The evening was a little bit of a bummer. We briefly attended the Webby awards (a complete bore) and then went to an after party at the Club Deville. The venue was pretty spectacular. I’ll have to say it was the first open-air Cadillac themed lounge (hence the name) carved out of the hill-side I had ever been to. It was a great place to chill, but the long line for expensive drinks and a serious malfunction of my personal ‘gaydar’ spurred us to get the hell out.

Luckily some Alabama kids saved our sanity and led us to another after-party. Another outdoor venue with an open mike stage for nerds to wax poetic about xhtml and SMS texting code. I’m sure there are others who find that somewhat entertaining, but nobody rocked that party like this crazy Alabama MOFO!

Needless to say they force feed us healthy servings of southern personality and their affection for Southern Comfort. Hence the slightly groggy morning.

I’m writing a long post today, because I realized my trip has been far more interesting then I’ve posted. I’ve met a lot of interesting attendees, taken some wicked photos and enjoyed more murderous Mexican food then I though possible. I realized my posts are far less enterating than this guy’s. (not suitable Work reading) So I went a little overboard today to reassure people I’m not going soft.

Tonight is Nuclear Taco night. My brain is rejoicing, but bowels are screaming. Expect a graphic description tomorrow.

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