Random Thoughts For Some Extra Exposure Friday September 8, 2006

We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere. – Some fossil on the Internet.

Each roommate I’ve had has rubbed off on me during their tenure. Each one has left some sort of weird personal trait that I have picked up. My first roommate taught me how to plunger the fuck out of a toilet and talk in a uppity medieval accent. My second roommate taught me how to drink wine and speak in a ridiculous French accent.

I have no clue what sort of weird personal trait I’ll steal from Phil. Or vice versa, but if trends continue I’m going to have some mad internet skillz. Since his arrival I have been exposed to some of the most obscure and hilarious stuff on the internet. Half of today’s links are courtesy of the new roommate.

First – The Myspace Movie. The Yeti scene is priceless, but the myspace angles scene almost made me pee myself. just incase you are curious here’s my lame myspace angle.

Self-Portrait 2

Second – Marshmallow Magic is the Skett Ulrich to Lucky Cham’s Johnny Depp.

Welcome to the enchanting world of Marshmallow Magic. If you look in their spellbook, you’ll find a single, powerful spell: Ripofficus Luckycharmium.

Third – Yes, we all know the Crocodile hunter died. Of all the write ups, Jack Pinkerton’s ode has to be the most fitting.

Fourth – Positive Ape’s collection of really weird Japanese superhero shows. The only one worth watching is the Japanese Spiderman intro. I just have one question, when did Spiderman create a 40 story mechazoid? And if he did create such a machine, why didn’t he use said mechazoid against the Sandman?

Fifth – Sportnet.ca has revived it’s hilarious Weekly NFL Picks. Unlike TSN’s Picks, ESPN’s picks or Sports Illustrated’s picks, these picks are made by men; men who know absolutely nothing about football. This week’s picks are brought to you by obscure Anchorman quotes, Irish Potatos and babies. It’s time to get back into Sportselect.

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The thing I wonder is does it really provide 2 (or 12) essential vitamins and minerals. Looking at those skinny wizard types, I’d beg to differ.

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