WifeSwap Monday September 4, 2006

Sorry, but here is the funniest comment I’ve heard on television in a long while.

WifeSwap Narrator: Luckily, the kids have no use for cell phones as they have no friends. (A desperate attempt to describe the social situation of the home-schooled children of a medieval-obsessed family)

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that was a weird one! but hilarious! i can’t wait for the season premiere with the pirate family!

kristin · Sep 5, 08:59 am · #permalink


I loved it when the Mother smashed one of their pewter action figures. The kid’s reaction of "you plan on fixing that right?" was priceless. You could tell, that if he only had 10 more experience points and an extra dice roll, he would have cast Freeze lvl 4 on that bitch .

cturner · Sep 5, 10:46 am · #permalink

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