Hurtin Albertan Tuesday September 5, 2006

For the record I don’t think there has been a September long where I spent more time relieving my stereotypical Prairie roots.

Saturday was a day of G.I.Joe testosterone at a Paintball Course near Waiparous. Yeah, nothing like getting shot in the ass for 6 hours and scarfing down overcooked wieners on a hot summer’s day to ham up your Red Neckieness. (I hope you enjoy the deliverance innuendos that are now swimming around in your mind) And then later that same night I caught the hilarious Talladega Nights. (By the way the Gerry’s Truck cameo is far better than the Elvis Costello & Mos Def cameo) Normally those two events alone would constitute a fairly Rig Pig/Southern Albertan weekend.

Drumheller Hilarity

But to really overdo the prairie experience, I took my mom and Crazy Aunt Mary out to Drumheller and wonderful Wayne, Alberta. Hmmm … Fresh Prairie air, sweltering summer heat, two ancient Irish fossils and an overheating truck, all in the name of visiting a small ghost town of 42. Is there any other way to wrap up a long weekend?

I talked about this in earlier this summer, but this region is probably one of my favorite places in the entire province. I totally recommend a trip out there if you haven’t been in a while. I really like the texture of the landscape and the quiet simplicity of everything. Plus it’s home to Wayne and the Last Chance Saloon. A wonderful little treasure in the middle of the BadLands. A place as kitschy as they come, but also as down home and pleasantly Albertan as the soil it stands on. A place that serves fresh Alberta beef and cold beer in a Jam Jars. It’s like Heaven on the prairies.

Crazy Aunt Mary

Or maybe I’m just a strange individual. Well At least I got the chance to try and figure out which was older; the sediment rings at Horsehoe Canyon or the two Irish Dinosaurs in the back of the truck.

Dinosaur's Eating thier Prey

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