Scattered Thoughts Wednesday August 30, 2006

So, I’m typing this post while memorized by A&E. That means I’m back in the land of the culturally aware. Back with the masses in T.V. land. But I now have a new favorite show in Inked.

My intrigue in the show has less to do with the tubular dialog – dude, If you want to be a tattoo artist you have to earn a brothers’ respect – but more to do with a friend of mine who got inked at their Vegas location. As a Flames Fan the tattoo is definitely not something I’d wear, but it’s a really well done tattoo – Bright and Mother fucking orange. Makes me want to come through on my threat to get that giant breasted trident-brandishing Amazon riding a beetle on my forearm …

Big Breasted Blonde Riding a Beetle

or maybe not.

By the way I can’t think of a better way to freak out a new roommate then to crank your shameful All Saints CD at full blast, while they move in.

Also after reading Hornby’s article on reading for fun, I finally tossed aside A Long Way Down. Which finally allowed me to crack the spine on Douglas Coupland’s Jpod. Two days of non stop reading and I can’t put it down. It’s the perfect pessimistic story on our this technocratic society we call home.

That’s all my scattered brain can come up with.

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