Bigger Ds' & Smaller Ss' Tuesday August 29, 2006

When I started this site I set out a manadate to chornical my battle with the bottle. To keep honest I used my trusty calendar and scribbled Ds and Ss on every single day. A S represented a sober day, while a D represented a drunken day. For the first little while the D’s were very few and there was a string of 96’s before I hit a substantial D.

If you read this regularly (or even if you are only scanning this for the first time) it’s pretty obvious that I haven’t been sticking with my initial promises. Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’d be easy to not really fault myself since it is the summer time. Because with summertime concessions are bound to happen and those concessions eventually lead to exceptions. Then of course exceptions leads to indulgences, which leads to more D’s appearing on the calendar. Which eventually leads to episodes of pounding wine with a cake in hand, ditching out on bar tabs or worse waking up with a painful headache in a Hawaiian shirt. Either way the summer has come to an end. With it I’m vowing to climb my ass back on the wagon and reaffirm my commitment to cleaning up.

So with that I apologize.

Oh yeah, posts this week will be fairly sporadic. Those looming changes of yester year are all on a collision course this week.

By the way I finally posted a new review of the Alexisonfire CD on Music-critic.

Oh, how very myspace of me.

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I’ve seen some changes over the past few years. But one thing remains. When you fall off the wagon, you fall hard, I know this because I’ve been there. What people reading this may not know, is that our level of consumption goes well beyond a regular drunk. We drink until all reason and good intentions are gone. One double Jag and Coke at a time, and one Nellies breakfast later we always manage to survive the night, curse the hangovers and claim that we’ve hit the end.

Connor I can’t wait to see the pictures of Rock Bottom.

Dark Manyluk · Sep 7, 03:24 pm · #permalink

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