David Frost Wednesday August 23, 2006

In 2004, sportsnet.ca reported that a fringe player for the St. Louis Blues named Mike Danton was arrested at the San Jose airport, hours after the Blues were eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. This wasn’t the first I’d heard of Mike Danton. I remember his name being tossed around as some weird 20 year old fringe player who demanded a trade from the Devils so he could get more playing time. But it was the first I’d hear of the Mike Danton/David Frost story and after reading a few of the revealing articles by Steve Simmons, it became obvious that this was a far more intriguing story.

I’m not sure why this whole story has been so interesting to me. Maybe it has something to do with the obscure Puck Bunny/Bouncer plot to kill Frost by Danton or it’s the creepy nature in which Frost still controls Danton. More likely it has to do with appalling inability of anyone to do anything to stop Frost. It’s shocking to know that the OPP, Ontario minor hockey association and even former NHLPA Bob Goodnow, did very little to stop Frost, even when it was evident something was a muck with the relationships between Frost and his players. People like Steve Simmons, The Fifth Estate and the Jefferson Family (Mike Danton was originally born Mike Jefferson) should be commended for their relentless pressure on Frost.

Anyways, David Frost was finally charged yesterday.

Update: Sorry he’s out on bail now.

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