SXSW: A Murder of Crows Sunday March 12, 2006

Day one of SXSW was a barrage of dry heat, violent Mexican food, miler highlife and unholy crows. Day two includes a talk on Social Responsibility in Design, Henry Rollins, Keynotes with &, an assault on the U of T campus and the Webby Awards. (ooohhhh!)

The pshycotic murder of crows stationed between our hotel and the convention centre has been the unfriendliest element of Austin. Ian and myself have vowed not to get crapped on, but I feel this is a futile struggle.

There is no time to post lengthy ramblings or descriptions of the city. Things are just too bloody busy. I’ve actually been reduced to typing this as I phase out a talk on Design and Social responsibility. So for the time being i’ll just keep it to photos. There will be more photos on the ctoverdrive Flickr account as the days start to dwindle.

Frost Bank Tower in Austin

Ian & Cturn Rocking out Austing

I apologize for the horribly ugly swirl of horrendous hair on my head, unfortunately the dry heat has melted my Irish Mullet.

Welcoming Party

The Welcoming Party

Inside SXSW

Considering the unreal amount of free booze, I’m very proud of my self-control. I’m still living the Miller High Life, but no Brandon episodes and no CTO – just good times. Actually this guy seems to be rocking SXSW for Brandon and CTO.

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