Random Thoughts For the End of Civilization Thursday August 24, 2006

A group of six people came together to create a website to brainstorm the 10,000 reasons why society is doomed.

10,000 Reasons.org

People have added some beautiful reasons for our demise, including Reason #411 (Apple Bottom Jeans), #429 (grown men who put boogers above urinals) and my all-time favorite #478 (skinny jeans). If you are intrested reason #234, #241 (touché buddy! touché), #313, and #280 are pretty near and dear to my heart. (Or if they’ve moved just search for cturner)

First- I know I have an unhealthy obsession with Threadless.com, but its older more mature brother Naked and Angry has finally released another set of patterns. This time they’ve created some fancy dandy wallpaper.

Second – I’m a little late on the old bandwagon, but I joined the Faces of ONE campaign to make poverty history. If you’ve got a flickr account, you should spare a couple of minutes and join.

Third – On a related note, there is myth out there that is starting to get under my skin. Yes, there are homeless people that are drunks and drug addicts, but not all homeless people are drug addicts. There is a difference. The Calgary Downtown association would have you believe that all homeless people are drunks, crank heads, crazy and or criminals. They are not.

It’s simple, use judgment when giving money to the homeless. If the guy is foaming at mouth while cursing the alligator queen, common sense says you’re better off giving your money to the Seed or the Army. If it’s a guy who is obviously rundown and ashamed of his circumstances, do some good and buy him a coffee or a sandwich.

Fourth – Author Nick Hornby details why you should only read for the enjoyment of it. Hornby makes a great case about why you should not read because “some critic” told you to. The reference to Dickens and current pulp reading is a great point. Yes, people it is okay to read the DaVinci Code. I find it really funny that I’ve also been struggling to read a novel for over 7 months now. That novel of course is Nick Hornby’s very own A Long Way Down.

Fifth – This is probably the funniest music video since FatBoy Slim’s Weapons of Choice: OK-Go’s video for Here it Goes Again. Of the Four million views this video has received how many people have downloaded the song or purchased the album? Quiet a few, I’d say.

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