CocoPoops Thursday August 24, 2006

Whenever relatives make the journey over from Ireland, I am always bombarded with gifts. Years ago I used to get crazy ass gifts: t-shirts, stickers, jumpers, tracksuits, hats and chocolate. Unfortunately times change and I hit puberty. Thus having this weird urge to interact with girls and maybe wanting to dress cool. Because of that I put an end to the bombardment of Irish T-shirts and tacky hats. So I vetoed clothing for straight Chocolate.

Now when anyone comes over I am spoiled with bag after bag of Cadbury’s flakes, buttons, twirls, and CocoPops. Sure it’s a selfish request to fulfill a nostalgic craving from my childhood, but it also ensures I will never miss out on a mouth full of sugary-rotten British teeth.

As mentioned Crazy Aunt Mary arrived last Thursday and included in her luggage was a new treat; CocoPops Coco Rocks.

Inspired by KFT, I’ve decided to describe the experience that is CocoPoops Coco Rocks. As you can see in Canada Coco Rocks would be called Deer Pellets or Bear Droppings, in Britain this is cereal. Don’t get me wrong, if deer droppings actually tasted this chocolaty good I would have to take up arms with the Greenpeace warriors to defend our little heavenly creatures from the perils of hunters.

The gimmick behind CocoPops is that they are essentially rice crispies coated with chocolate syrup. When you pour milk on the cereal it turns into chocolate milk. But Coco Rocks are a whole different breed of carnal goodness. There are two types of (for lack of a better word) turds in Coco Rocks. The small more abundant turds are essentially chocolate covered CornPops. But the larger football shaped turds, have a secret to them. They are filled with pockets of oozing delightful brown Nutella. Each bite of the larger turds fills your mouth with a sweet brownish delight.

Yes kiddies, CocoRocks do taste that good. It’s not a cereal you’d give as if you were hell bent on a healthy lifestyle for your kids, rather it’s a cereal for to keep Dentists and Ritalin stockholders in the black. It’s a cereal so tasty; you’ll revaluate that steaming pile of deer droppings the next time you pass them on the trail.

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