Cowbell Sunday August 20, 2006

I’ve got a fever and that fever is more CowBell!

Okay not really, but I do have a fever for some new/newish music. So I thought I would whip together some links and suggestions for the end of summer.

First – From the usual source of everything cool – some obscure notorious B.I.G. mash-up with Gnarls Barkley.

New Mexican Disaster Squad c/o Jade Tree Second – One of my new favorite bands. Okay I really haven’t heard the entire album, but I did read a review on 3hive and shit was it glorious. Fine, I only dig the New Mexican Disaster Squad for their name.

Third – I was at a house party this weekend and there were a bunch of dudes belting out Tenacious D’s the Tribute. It was at that crucial moment in my life that I realized that Tribute is one of the most glorious songs of all time. Then I found out that Tenacious D are in a new movie and I instantly incinerated.

Fourth – There are a bunch of new records coming out in the next little while.

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