Random Thoughts Hacia el Fin del Verano Thursday August 17, 2006

In a few days the current roommate bolts to Barcelona for a semester-abroad. In preparation the apartment has suddenly become overrun with post-it notes and Spanish cue-cards.

Learn to Speaken the Spanglish

With the help of babblefish and a helping dose of sadistic humor, I’ve also been helping the roomate out with her quest to learn Spanish. Juice is no longer jugo, rather it is donde está mi burrito maldito! Where can I purchase some tomatoes is no longer Donde puedo compre algunos tomates, rather it is encima el tuyo! wanker!

Ahh, I am a horrible man.

First – I guess if the Brits have the Mercury Awards and the Yanks had the Shortlist Prize, then Canada had to eventually come up with something right? Right! Canada now has the Polaris Awards. The shortlist is actually pretty impressive, with acts like Sarah Harmer, Blurry Social Scene, Metric, Wolf Parade and Ka’aan toping the list. My advice would be to go out and buy the Polaris compilation when it comes out on the 22nd.

Second – The IRS has declared that those ridiculous swag bags given out to Celebrities at awards shows are fully taxable. Thank God! I know it was probably one of the most ingenious ways to garner attention/hype for a specific product, but celebrities do not need $50,000 dollars worth of swag for a 45 second appearance.

Third – In preparation for my trip to Barcelona, I’ve been checking out the big two travel guides religiously. Lonely Planet’s BlueList for the best of what Barcelona has to offer and Let’s Go Europe for the address of that fucked-up Absinthe Bar I got shived at, the last time I was there. Oh Barcelona. Another trip with the Green Fairy. Another evening hallucinating with dogs and garbage pails.

Fourth – Now this is what I call low cost flying in style. (thanks to signalsvsnoise)

Fifth – Threadless.com is having their yearly ten dollar back-to-school bonanza sale. There are some killer shirts out there like the M is for Monkey shirt and the Psychedelic Fish. I picked up the ingenious Hooray for Cholesterol a week and a half ago.

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