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ReadyMade Tracks Monday August 14, 2006

Weeks ago I posted about my yearly attempt at making a Summer mix tape. Luckily because I was incapable of any other brain activity besides eating and sleeping all Sunday, I was finally able to finish this summer’s mix tape. (Fuck you tasty cake and wine) So I present to you ReadyMade Tracks in all its nerdy musicdom.

Update: I finally got around to fixing the links. I apologize for writing this post in haste last night.


First – A neat little article that gives a dummies version of the Snakes on a Plane Phenomina.

Second – Dangerous Beatuy: The Art of the Shiv. A collection of prison shivs confiscated. It’s weird to look at them just as pieces of industrial design without using the context. It’s also good to memorize the design patterns incase I ever end up in back in a cambodian prison again. Man was 1999 a shitty year.

Third – From mr. the observer explains the top 15 websites of which changed the world.

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