Random Thoughts For A DoubleBack Flip Sort of Day Friday August 11, 2006

Towards the end of High school, for some reason I totally got into the X-games. I would amp up my extremeness, by sitting on my fat ass with a large Mountain Dew Slurppe and I would watch hours of the X-games on TSN. I was especially enthralled with the inline vert competition. I totally dug the international flavor of the fruitbooters and was mesmerized by the two Japanese brothers who dominate the sport at only 14 and 16 years old.

But times changed and the grey in my hair multiplied. Erin made recycle my entire Daily Bread magazine collection. (No way Dude!) I then realized that the worse thing about rollerblades is telling your parents you’re gay! I also finally realized that Mountain dew tastes like horse shit. I completely forgot about the X-games…. until I saw this…

Travis Pastrana Insanity

A Double Back Flip by the legendardy Travis Pastrama. Once every couple of years some one pulls off an amazing stunt that defies all logic. The infamous Tony Hawk 900 trick was a great example. I just don’t have enough double gnar-gnar in me nowadays to really appreciate anything else that happens at the this years X-games, but that double back flip should be appreciated by all. So enjoy.

First – People of Edmonton rejoice the Camero is getting a makeover.

Second – It is official, the marketing guys behind Snakes on a Plane are geniuses. Besides already building enough internet buzz to ensure boxoffice gold, they’ve gone ahead and created an application that allows you to send personalized Samuel Jackson Voice Messages. Try it out! It’s hilarious. There is no better way to wake up your friends on thier vacation.

Third – I finally stopped fucking with the music-critic layout and posted a review. I’m soo rusty.

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