International Daily Express Monday August 7, 2006

I don’t really like the whole, today I ate some shit and it was good posts. Occasionally I will dive into those types of posts, but this morning I had a sort of revelation. There are three heavy sleepers in the apartment this morning and they’ve taken over the place, which in turn has disrupted my Sunday morning coffee and nerdom routine. So I’ve had to take my laptop to one of the last spaces of solitude in the apartment. (The large bedroom closet)

So right now I just realized how much of an old codger I’ve become. Two years ago I would never have looked forward to a Sunday morning of peace and quiet like this. But now I realized that scanning my feed reader with a coffee in hand has become to me what reading the International (Daily) Express with a cup of tea in hand was to my mum. Sort of a way to escape everything, ground yourself and maybe discover a couple of new things. I totally understand why it was such an integral part of my parents pattern.

Anyways, I also realized how I love the the interactivity and the power of the Internet. While my parents were pretty much segregated to the International Express and some clips from the BBC. I’ve been able to accomplish some tasks, while discovering new music and learning about web design.

Well whoop-dee fucking Do Connor. You just discovered the Internet! Yeah, yeah I know this is a lame post but I’m in a weird mood and felt like writing about how interactive and enjoyable this routine is.

So here’s some shit I’ve been able to do, while trapped in the closet. (Insert appropriate R. Kelly joke here)

So that’s sort of glimpse into my life. I know it was a lame post, but who cares, I’m sure everyone has their own routine time. I’m probably sterile from having this hot laptop on my crotch for the past two hours.

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