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Random Thoughts To Begin A Dreary Longweekend Friday August 4, 2006

I walked by Wayne’s Bagel Shop in Kensington this morning and got a huge whiff of freshly baked Bagels. Most mornings I’m usually bombarded by the smell of freshly baked doughnut. Which always leaves me wuth a huge craving for donuts. A simple craving to rectify in the downtown core. Unfortunately I’ve been craving the sweet taste of Wayne’s bagels all day and there’s no where in the core to help this out. I’m starting to miss the Bagel crazy of the mid 90’s. Shit what I wouldn’t do for Schwartzies bagel right now. They used to produce the gooiest cinnamon bagels in the world. They were fucking unreal.

Does anyone care. Not really, I guess I’m having a nostalgic flashback this morning and I really don’t have an interesting way to lead into the random thoughts.


First – With the Hockey season approaching there is a slew of new jersey’s and logo redesigns being unveiled. The Anaheim Ducks have a new spiffy logo to match the daffy duck color scheme, while the Buffalo Sabres are reverting to their classic blue and yellow. While those are pretty neat, the AHL has always been home to some of the most insane logos in professional sports. And now the Milwaukee Admirals have released a one of the weirdest designs in recent history.

Milwakee Admirals - Nightmare Before Christmas guy

I don’t know maybe it’s the whole Nightmare Before Christmas vibe, but I dig it the new design. Plus it’s an interesting way to distinguish them from the Northfork Admirals. (I guess the AHL is just as Mickey Mouse as the CFL.)

Second – I’m sure there is a lot of people who use or know of DIGG. It’s a buzz social software site along the lines of flickr and delicious. Business Week has done a cover story on the 29 year old founder and proclaimed him a 60 million dollar man and the 37 signals guys are calling this claim to task.

Third – This week’s Fast Forward is a who’s who of my three year tutelage in the Urban Studies program. The story examines the urban development battleground for Inglewood. It is a very candid report with some well researched facts and great insight from Gion-Carlos, Professor Henry Hiller and Lord Byron Miller. It is probably one of the most well researched articles I have seen on urbanism and development in Calgary. For god’s sake it even touches on the Mawson plan and his Paris on the Prairies vision. From reading the article I get a sense that a little of Jane Jacob’s soul must have caught a hold of Giona Gion-Carlos. It seems like the neighbourhood of Inglewood is great hands.

Update: Arrggg… I’ve always had trouble with names…

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The Digg experiment is gonna end up collapsing. Most of their “articles” are links to poorly written blogs that do nothing to back up their statements. While it makes for great Friday morning reading ala, it isn’t a very good source of information.

Plus, that whole user moderation thing is just wonky. When a free account has unlimited diggs/bury’s and can be obtained by a moronic 12 year old, only chaos is gonna result. Apparently there are cartels of digg users that actively try to bury things they don’t agree with. This in itself is against the spirit of a free web.

ryan · Aug 5, 02:45 pm · #permalink


Umm, yeah. Well that’s fantastic proffesor.

cturner · Aug 6, 12:38 pm · #permalink

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