Let-The Great Roomate Search Begin Monday July 31, 2006

As the calendar turns to August it means that the great roommate search of ‘06 has officially begun. I’ve already spammed most of my friends and colleagues with emails explaining the situation, hopefully I’ll start getting some respondents. And as mentioned there are also more changes peaking over the horizon. They’ll be sure to flip my life upside. Then if you throw in a Wedding, a visit from my Crazy Aunt Mary and the frenzy of a girlfriend leaving for a 4 month stint in Europe, August is going to be a busy month.

Since I spent the past three posts glowing over the folk fest, it is time to get back to some interesting links.

First – From some arbitrary film critic the Fifty Best endings of all Time.

Second – I’ve never really gotten into the whole mix tape rap culture, but the new Clipse Mix Tape was sent to me with a high recommendation. It’s pretty catchy and I wish I had more street cred so I could comment on how killer this mixtape is. Unfortunately I have zero street cred and know nothing about blow and hoes.

Third – Fictional-ist blogs. I guess ist blogs are blogs written about a city and describe some of the goings on. This is a list of ist blogs for fictional cities from Pop-culture. The RoboCop Delta City has the be the best one.

Four – Ross Rebagliati is suing the CTV on the grounds for Character defamation because of a character in the Television Show Whistler. It’s only really funny because by suing CTV Mr. Rebagliati has actually given people a reason to watch the show. If anything he’s prolonged the life of the show. If he’d have kept his mouth shut it would have faded into obscurity live all serial Canadian Television shows. Way to go Buddy.

Fifth – Funny on the elevators at work the blurb for this story implied that – Heavy Internet users were likely to spend less time with Friends, Family, Coworkers and Spouse. Therefore these Fucking Social Losers have no chance at ever getting laid.

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