FolkFest - Cower Hippies Cower Sunday July 30, 2006

Of the two full days of the festivities we watched, Sunday essentially encompassed everything that makes the Folk Fest great. Excellent workshops, fantastic food, and unpredictable weather.

Cower Hippies Cower

To understand the entire situation you have to really examine the above photo. If you were around town on Sunday you know that the Sun came out and was a scorching 28 degrees for most of the day. Unfortunately at around 5 o’clock an insane windstorm blew across the city and essentially fucked up the day.

See those giant trees swaying the wind. When trees sway violently, they break. When they break, massive branches come crashing down on helpless hippies below. It was catastrophic. They even closed beer gardens for 50 minutes. Rumor has it that a child’s chariot was hit with a large branch and an entire picnic table was split in two. It was an insane bout of weather even for Calgary. It seemed like God had finally had enough of this love fest and was throwing projectiles of nature, while screaming Cower You Fucking Hippies, Cower! Where’s your Fucking Mother Nature Now!

Unfortunately that little windstorm was a precursor to a down poor which last until about 9:00pm. Thus soaking the entire island. Luckily with our imaginations and some help from others Chris and myself built a fortress of tables and took shelter with cyder in hand. It’s also a good thing that the mainstage attraction that night weren’t as intresting as previous nights so we could hideout until Matt Good began his set.

I have to admit I am not an Ani DiFranco fan. So with almost two full days of music, far too much curry in my belly and the downpour unrelenting it was almost impossible to justify staying any longer on Sunday night. So this year’s folk fest ended about two-thirds of the way through Matt Good’s set.

Great Lake Swimmers

Folkfest Epilogue

All I can say is that another Folk Fest has come and gone. Another fantastic weekend of music gets slotted into the memory banks. Of the main stage acts this year Broken Social Scene was the clear winner, with hometown hero Leslie Feist coming in a close second. Nothing may ever beat the sheer energy and excitment generated by these sets. It was by far one of the best evenings of music to grace the Princes Island Stage.

As far as the smaller acts go, Elliot Brood was easily the most consistant band of the weekend. They were fantastic and even though they were overshadowed at some workshops they played great and turned this bitter Irish ass into a fan. Great Lake Swimmers , Son Volt, ewokian throat singer Tanya Tagaq and The D-Rangers were also worthy of further listening. Especially Tanya Tagaq.

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