FolkFest - A Subdued Evening Saturday July 29, 2006

As I look back now there will only be a handful of outstanding memories from Saturday’s FolkFest. Not to say it was a horrible day by any means, but the general atmosphere was fairly subdued in comparison to Broken Social Scene’s glorious closing set from Thursday. In all honesty it would take something astronomical to top Thursday night. Maybe an epic fistfight between Macy Gray and Kris Kristopherson, but that didn’t happen.

Jay Crocker & Electric

The two most talked about acts from the Saturday workshops were Chloe Doucet and That 1 Guy. There’s just no disputing that each was the highlight of their respective workshops. Chloe Doucet is the 10 year old daughter of Luke Doucet who appeared on stage with Leslie Feist to close out a Saturday morning workshop. 10 year old girls should not be able sing blue grass tunes with that much emotion. It was phenomenal to watch this little girl essentially steal the spot light from a great workshop including Feist and Luke Doucet.

(On a sidenote Luke Doucet proudly got Chloe to autograph my Aloha Manitoba Cd. Neatest Dad ever.)

And then there was That 1 Guy. Whose obscure construct-a-con pipe contraption over-shadowed each workshop session he took part in. His rendition of Iron Man left the likes of Elliot Brood and the D-Rangers scratching their heads at the obscure nature of his shtick. I’ll admit that his set was a pleasure to see live, but it’s the type of novelty act that I wouldn’t recommend for casual listening at home. Either way watching him maniacally slap his large pipe was entertaining. (By they way that sexual innuendo was intended)

As the mainstage acts go there really wasn’t much to talk about. Many of the early players did little to impress the crowd, while Son Volt seemed like a rocking good time and might be worth a second glance. Kris Kristopherson was probably a highlight for the older crowd. His stage presence was very intimidating and he oozed with the aura of a weathered legend. Luckily, I still haven’t conjured enough gusto to shake him down. His salty glare alone could have crushed my bitter soul.

For next year, I am going to implement the Neil Young Drinking game and others can join in if they want. Essentially everytime an act covers Neil Young all participants must run to the Beer Gardens and chuck a glass of cyder. The person standing at the end of the day wins. Deal?

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