FolkFest - Blurry Social Scene Friday July 28, 2006

A Perfect fading Photo from Fiest's set at the Folk Fest.

First night of the 2006 Folk Fest is now under the belt and it was a beauty. A true beauty!

The line-up to get in this year’s Folk Fest was horrible. In the 8 years I’ve been attending this has to be the longest I have ever seen it. I guess security must have been ramped up a bit this year. Anyways, the performances were amazing. Fiest was perfect and Broken Social Scene (or according to my camera – Blurry Social Scene) was astonishing. Honestly one of the most crowd memorizing endings to a Folk Fest I have seen in years. For the record, I would have to rank Broken Social Scene’s Performance up there as one of the greatest Folk Fest performances of all-time. It was one of the rare occurrences where the entire crowd was actually up on its feet dancing at the end of the set.

Anyways, I will be posting photos from the show on all weekend. If you want to check them out or add your own, tag them with calgaryfolkfest2006.

Blurry Social Scene - Show at the FolkFest

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