FolkFest Preview - Cyder & Curry Thursday July 27, 2006

Besides Rock Creek Cider and the curry, the best element of the Folk Fest are the obscure acts to be discovered during the weekend. Unfortunately looking at the line-up can be extremely daunting. Each year there is probably only four-five well known acts. This year’s lineup is no exception.

So with about 8 years of folk fest experience, I’ve decided to put a little ctoverdrive’d spin on ye’ old festival preview.

Acts to See

Broken Social Scene & Fiest- This is the main stage act(s) I am looking forward to the most. BSS is essentialy the Eastern Confrence All stars of the Canadian Indie Music scene. There is something like 13 performers (including Fiest) and they just fucking rock. There’s a rumor circling around that this might be their last ‘ever’ performance as a group in Canada. Thursday night – Mainstage

Luke Ducet – I met with Nathan from music-critic and on his good authority this _is one of the key acts to see this weekend. Doucet is in the same vain as Damien Rice, David Grey and Conor Obest. Essentially one of those singer/songwriters you play to get in someone’s pants. It should be an intimate show. Sunday 1:00pm – Field Law Stage & The Kids are Alright Workshop Saturday 1:30pm – Ship & Anchor Stage

D-Rangers – You know those Hill Billy Disney Bears that whistle over jugs of beer and home made banjos. The D-Rangers are like that, but with way more deliverance. I saw these guys at broken city last year and they were great. Plus they’re from fucking Winnipeg. Saturday 1:30pm – Field Law Stage & About 100 other workshops.

Elliot Brood – Someone described them as Death Country. What the Fuck is that? Firday Night – Eau Clair Stage & Dark Horses Workshop Sunday 4:30pm – ConocoPhillips Stage.

Kris Kristopherson – It seems Kris is back for round two. What Kris? My shakedown of you in Austin wasn’t enough. Bring it on Mofo! Mainstage Saturday

Acts to Avoid

Bedouin SoundClash – If watching them means I get to shove my foot up their collective arses, then yes I will go watch them.

Do’s and Don’ts

I’m not even going to try this one. Nathan pretty much summed it up with his excellent article in last week’s Fastforward

So that’s my take on this year’s festival. But I have to dedicate this post to my dead homie Rennie out in Vancouver. Whiskey and Cyder won’t be the same with out you.

Folk Fest & Whip Cream Circa 2002

P.S. Replace dead with alive. Then replace alive with defending his thesis. Then replace defending his thesis with hanging out with the crackheads on East Hastings. Now you understand why he’s not here.

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i’m stoked for luke doucet! i’ve seen him a couple times. are you there for the whole 4 days? i’m going sunday… i’m sure i’ll run into you at some point!

kristin · Jul 27, 03:32 pm · #permalink


Cider + Curry = Crazy Delicious.

Cool Whip + Cookies = Worst Idea You Ever Had, Connor.

Give those popped-collar assholes in Bedouin a savage Phantom Punch for me, ok?

Jamie · Jul 27, 10:38 pm · #permalink


Kristen, Luke Doucet is going to be awesome. We’re there for entire four days except for tonight.

Rennie, The term bum rush the stage was invented for this weekend.

cturner · Jul 28, 11:26 am · #permalink

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