One-Million People Monday July 24, 2006

So I couldn’t let this pass without standing on my soapbox on internet geekdom.

At 12:08 am last night, Calgary surprisingly broke the golden one million citizens mark. For the record, this occurred close to two years earlier than the city census expected. Therefore, if I look back at my tests from university that makes my incorrect guess that 2006 would be year that we hit the one million mark, correct. I demand a recount!

Alright, I’ll have to admit on one hand it is pretty cool that Calgary finally reached this grand milestone. But in the global scheme of things it really isn’t an important number. It only means that the city will now make a little larger blip on the global/alpha city scale and it will be another feather in the cap for city council.

As a self proclaimed Calgary Cheerleader, you’d think I’d be all boasting about this accomplishment – jumping around my living room with my pants around my ankles, screaming FUCK YEAH! The truth is that I’m not convinced that this tremendous growth rate will be good for the city in the long run. (Bet you didn’t see that one coming?) I love this city and all, but its infrastructure is set-up for a city in the low 600,000’s. It’s a crunch that everyone is seeing on a daily basis. In my opinion this support deficit will only hamper our ability to covet the creative class, which will push the economy of the city forward in the future. It’s unfortunate that the sloth like powers that be are barely coping with the problems we had around the 800,000 citizens mark. Now we are at the big one million and it doesn’t look like city hall will ever be able to catch-up. It’s a shame because the city seems to be growing into a wild child and City Hall continues to react like an out of touch parent.

Plus, I can’t get over this quote from Bronco Dave – It really speaks to what Calgary is all about in terms of a young and energetic city. I’m sorry Dave, but it’s a newborn baby who’s been cooped up in a mother’s womb for nine months. Please gives all a break.

Alright so back to Tuesday links….

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I’d say Calgary is finally starting to upgrade itself. Despite being a total gomer, Bronco seems to have the right idea about getting things done. Now if he could only answer the question about why City Council is always strapped for cash despite the enourmous boom…

It took Vancouver 30 years to grow into itself… doubt Calgary will take any less time.

ryan · Jul 26, 09:22 am · #permalink


Hey Connor, just found your blog, and I love it – great pictures of cool people, great music, etc. Your comment on Calgary hitting a cool mil is right on: it’s a town that’s outgrown its infrastructure, and I don’t think that your average Calgarian is any better off for his city now stretching to the horizon. All we wanted was mountains, oil, and Big Rock – is that too much to ask for?

Tyler Chapman · Jul 31, 09:17 am · #permalink

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