Kamala Monday July 24, 2006

We’ll let’s just get down to brass tacks here – the ctoverdrive came out in full force this weekend.

Before you all start giving me attitude and leaving cat calls on my answering machine, understand that this was premeditated appearance of ctoverdrive. Yes, it was my good friend’s party and one of the first bachelor parties from my close group of elementary friends. Which means this wasn’t an occasion for pussying out. This was game face time! There was absolutely no way to get out of it. Like Frank the Tank and Tron before me, the ctoverdrive had no choice but to come out this weekend. Plus, even I don’t have balls big enough to ride the Calgary public transit in blue boy’s shorts, a fake mullet and a 2 by 4 without a drop of Irish courage.

So I guess I should try and describe some of the debauchery that took place on Friday and Saturday night. But I won’t. Because trying to explain how The Rockers lost an epic battle to Money Inc. on Steven Avenue is not what bachelor parties are about. The first rule of bachelor parties is that you should never talk about them. There’s no point! The whole idea of a Bachelor Party is to throw out any concept of civility to celebrate like complete idiots. It’s your friend’s final days as a single man and they should be cherished. Trying to explain how my truck overheated and seized on Highway two to Pinoka won’t help anyone out. Or justify the debauchery from two Texas mickey’s of rum and whiskey between 13 guys outside of Ponoka is not apart of the Bachelor Party pact. Or how the regulars of Studio 82 foolishly thought they could take HackSaw Jim Duggan, mini Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ricky The Dragon SteamBoat and Rowdy Rowdy Piper, well it is pointless. You just don’t openly speak about Bachelor Parties.

Okay, maybe not completely pointless. I guess the manager of the HMV downtown caught the entire rumble on video.

ctoverdrive commentary – For those unaware the main combatants are Money Inc. and The Rockers. In my opinion, Kamala steals the show by attacking with a full on lawn chair to the head of one of the Rockers, while Ricky the Dragon Steamboat heroically sweeps in to even the score. Jessie the Body Ventura is the announcer, while Sgt. Slaughter and Tatonka make brief appearances. Rowdy Rowdy Piper holds up traffic for the match.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan Says Hoo!

For the record Hacksaw Jim Duggan is officially M.I.A during the entire melee.

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The video needs more Hacksaw…

goates · Jul 25, 01:35 pm · #permalink


Hate to get technical buddy, but that don’t look like no 2 by 4 to me…

Jamie · Jul 25, 02:38 pm · #permalink


...well the 2×4 is actually behind the blue shorts.

cturner · Jul 25, 07:48 pm · #permalink

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