Random Thoughts For A Man At The End Of His Bachelorhood Friday July 21, 2006

As previously mentioned, this weekend I am off on a bachelor party. It starts Friday night and ends in epic fashion early Sunday morning. Yes, not many people deserve a bachelor party of such magnitude, but Jukes is one of the few of them. He’s a very loyal friend, a person I admire greatly and he’s also an argumentative fucking prick. In all seriousness I wish him well with his new family in a couple of weeks, but before that happens there’s the bachelor party. So as Hacksaw would say – Hooooooooooo….

First – Wow, who ever said the English aren’t bitter. The Number 17 Action Figure. Hey kids, can you say Christiano Ronaldo will never play in England again! I sure as hell can.

Second – Snapple has released a new line of White Teas and my two favorite web logs of the moment have covered the launch. CoolHunter.com has a little blurb about their balloon armada promotion in New York, while Knowledge for Thirst reviews their flavor. I love the internet.

Third – From Kottke.org and originally from the New York Times, a revealing article on Danger Mouse – aka 1/2 of Danger Doom – aka Gnarls Barkley.

Fourth – I’m sorry but this sounds like the plot line for the next great Godzilla Movie – Giant Jellyfish clog up Tokyo Nuclear Powerplant. Right now; I’m imagining a giant Jellyfish man Irish-whipping Godzilla into a large telephone wire. After which Godzilla counters with a massive two-by-four to the head of the Jellyfish monster.

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