The-Lost Art of The Mix Tape Sunday July 16, 2006

Sunday night in the middle of this sweltering summer and I think it is time to delve into the black arts. Don’t worry I’m not riding the White Pony or casting some voodoo spell on my ex-girlfriends, rather I am maxing a summer mix tape. That annual tradition that beckons back to childhood summers of the past or something sort of nostalgic drivel.

Either way, I’m sitting in front of my computer in my sweaty boxers trying to hash together the perfect summer mix for ‘2006. There’s been a lot of talk about music and killer tracks around the ol’ blogosphere recently and it’s got the ol’ mix tape juices flowing. (I apologize, I know mental images of my boxers and juices’ flowing isn’t really an appetizing image) The mix is starting to come around, but there a bunch of borderline stuff on the mix. I’m straddling the mix tape sin of having repeating artists on a play list, (Kanye West, MSTRKFRFT, Feist) Debatin the Obie Trice addition (Good Song, But I’m not 17 anymore) and there isn’t enough slower music to balance out the middle portion. Plus at 6:10, Work On You is far to long for a mix or is it?

Ready Made Tunes

Update: Yes, I know Touch the Sky is repeated twice. As mentioned this is still in the works and the order of songs does need a shake up.

Ahh, the inconsequential worries of a music nerd.

Well since most people will be reading this on Monday, this might be a good conversational piece to start of a long week. Hell, I used to be apart of an email chain that used to do this every Monday. Either way, that’s my musical taste at the moment and I stand behind it.

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Gotta go with Barry on this one: Katrina and the Waves, ‘Walking on Sunshine’ goes well on any mix, especially on a Monday.

Kari · Jul 18, 08:24 am · #permalink


here in victoria,summer means american tourists,so i suggest Propagandhi’s wonderfully vitriolic appeal for a “new iron curtain drawn across the 49th parallel,” A Speculative Fiction.

Dean · Jul 18, 08:50 am · #permalink


Walking on Sunshine – Wow! If I was forty, hated my life and spent all Sunday punching myself in unison with Rod Stewart records, I might consider adding it as the final straw in push myself into a circular pit of despair and insanity. But a song by The Polyphonic Spree might be a good substitute, thanks for the suggestion. (I’m just kidding – I know it’s a classic, but it is still a horrible song. It encompasses everything about people who vomit sunshine that I can’t stand)

Propagahndi – If it flows with the rest of the mix it’s in. Surprisingly on my favorite mix I had Rise Against – Give it All as a closer. It worked. Maybe Prophgandhi might be a good closer. Or a new Rise Against Track, Maybe some Moonen.

Keep the comments coming.

cturner · Jul 18, 10:14 am · #permalink


Awesome post man, I might totally steal the idea from you.

I must say though, your mix tape needs a little more Chad. Nothing brightens up the summer like Chad.

Ahh Chad…

edit: no pics. (especially ones of Chad)

ryan · Jul 19, 08:00 am · #permalink

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