Random Thoughts On a Cowboy Coffee Day Friday July 14, 2006

... And with last night I am officially stampeded out for 2006.

Seconds from Getting Rocked

2 Bags of Mini Dougnuts, one ride on the Ranibow, six hours riding the Coors Lite Lifestyle, a killer show by Corb Lund and the Hurting Albertans, two Beef on a Bun meals and 15 glorious seconds on a Mechaical Bull. It was a great day of stampeding. And I am resting my sore throat and weary feet with copious amounts of cowboy coffee.

So I guess I should get on with Friday’s Random Thoughts then.

First – Congratulations to Corb Lund and the Hurtian Albertans for reaching gold status record status in Canada. We caught them at the Stampede last night and as usual thier show was spectacular. Do your self a favor and go out and purchase Five Dollar Bill and Hair in My Eyes like a Highland Steer. While you are at it also go out and pick-up Carolyn Mark and The Pros & Cons of Collaboration.

Second – I’ve watched this little 11 year old girl sing at least 5 times this morning. I’ve come to the conclusion that this clip has to be real. There should be no possible way a little girl can sing like that, but If you where to fake something like that why would you go to all the trouble of having David Hasselhoff there? If you are going to fake a performance like that why invite the king of Germany?

Third – Inspired by the episode in Entourage where Vinny Chase agrees to do a Japanese RedBull Commercial, I present to you the legendary website Japander.com Essentially it is a list of all the best Japanese commercials featuring your favorite actors and actresses. Hands down the most obscure spots comes from Brad Pitt’s Edwin Commercials, The Jack Bauer 24 skits and the Super go-lucky fun time Ewan McGregor Coffee commercials.

Kicking Ass and taking names onthe Bull

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