Corporate Cowboy Carnage Wednesday July 12, 2006

One element that makes the Calgary Stampede such as fucking gong show is how the festival is completely embraced by the entire Oil & Gas Industry. I’ve mentioned it before, but the Industry works like lunatics all year and then once the first week of July rolls around, everything grinds to a halt. Then everyone from Geophysists to Accountants drops their brains off at the proverbial pancake breakfast line-up of stupidity and proceeds to get obliterated for an entire week.

Riding the Bull in 2005

It truly is a unique spectacle, As the entire city just go nuts. On one hand you have Accountants and IT nerds, who’s most strenuous exercise comes from picking up a double-double at Tim Horton’s, trying to wrestle steer at the doggie-do rodeo. While usually uptight execs spend evenings at Cowboys with summer students hitting on Beer tub ladies. Then there are the service companies wooing everyone with insane amount of free alcohol and beef on a bun, which gives way to the numerous tales of managers getting tossed in jail and property switching hands over a poker game. Combining to turn the stampede in a factory of corporate carnage.

The only word to describe it is surreal. You have an entire Industry which prides itself on a conservative old-boy way of business and then to unleash hell once stampede time comes calling around. It’s one hell of an experience.

And with that today I’m going to get my Irish-ass knocked off a Mechanical Bull! Ya-hoo!

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