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SXSW: Grade Ten All Over Again. Friday March 10, 2006

So I arrived on time in Austin. Unfortunately my checked backpack decided to take the next flight to Chicago. I don’t know why it decided to do that. My guess is a matching set of Swiss Army Luggage must of caught it’s eye on the way to gate C24. Either way, because of a delay arriving into Chi-town, my bag missed my flight. I subsequently have no clothes. Them the breaks. The irony of the situation is that during conversations with Ian we decided this would be the worst way to start off the conference. Ha-ha! Luck of the Irish my ass.

Either way, I’ve had a couple of hours to explore Downtown Austin and the convention centre. Since Mr. Sutherland won’t be here until later, I went and picked up my conference badge and my canvas purse of nerdy delights. It’s filled with all sorts of companies I don’t know and products I pretend to use. But it does have some very large Texas stickers.

Since it is the first day of the conference/festival the whole place has that awkward first day of High School Vibe. I’m finding it freaking hilarious. Everyone is trying to be cool in their own little protective circles and send out feelers. It totally reminds me of my first day at Western Canada. Back in the days of bad acne, old tragically hip shirts and big scraggly hair. Ooh! The memories.

Anyways to combat this awkwardness I’ve decided to be extremely outgoing and over-the-top happy. Most of the locals are surprisingly receptive of this attitude. I’m actually having a lot more fun walking around forcing myself to talk to people. I don’t know if this has to do with my pledge to not get ridiculous or the fact that I don’t know anyone (until later tonight). Anyways I figure what’s the point in being shy and uber-cool. I might as well enjoy myself down here.

Either way, it is always surreal to be out of Calgary. Anyways kids I better get some grub. I’m freaking starving. Enjoy the snow.

Oh yeah and since arriving in Austin, I’ve actually received two separate shout outs because of my Alexisonfire t-shirt. Apparently Alexisonfire like totally RULEZ here. But wearing it in Calgary I look like an over-the-hill teenage try hard. Well, if my sloppy backpack doesn’t stop messing around in Chicago I might be stuck wearing this shirt for a lot longer then expected.

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