One-Red PaperClip Monday July 10, 2006

Erin and I lost cable just over two days ago. For some reason, we no longer have television. Nothing! Therefore I have no idea if this is all over the news yet, but the one red paper clip guy finally traded his one red paperclip for a house.

Yes, this kid from Montreal turned a Kiss Snow globe into a role in a Corbin Burnstein flick. (Yeah, he traded with Indians starter Roger Dorn!) Then he traded his movie role to the town of Kipling, Saskatchewan for a house.

Best of all, McDonald is now planning the World’s largest house warming party in Kipling Saskatchewan. I for one would love to go to Kiping Saskatchewan. So in honour of this guy’s grand celebration, if nobody has nothing to do this Labour Day long weekend, I would love to head out to Kipling Saskatchewan for the big red paper clip housewarming party. If you are interested email me at cturner [@] ctoverdrive dot ca. .

Tuesday links

First – Jason Kottke has become obsessed with the now infamous Ziu-Ziu head butt. If what the lip readers say is true, than I can’t blame Ziu-Ziu for head butting the guy in the solarplexus.

Second – Are there any Canadian Prime Ministers as cool or as tough as George Fing Washington? For the record I’m sure Maggie Thatcher could have taken George Washington out.

Third – There are some days when I can’t make this crap up. Check out If I am correct it is the very good adventures of Yam-roll the silver cowboy in the magical happy kingdom. Apparently Yam-roll hangs around with other pieces of sushi and a crazy bottle of Saki. The animation is pretty cool, but the show feels more like the old Iron chief show rather than a CBC cartoon. (which by the way means it is fantastic!)

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Man, I wonder if I can do that for Canadian Permanent Residence.

Kyle Korleski · Jul 11, 01:35 pm · #permalink

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