Azzurri Bleu Sunday July 9, 2006

With the hundreds of people tearing down McLeod Trail honking their horns and waving the Italian flag, I am going to go out on a limb and suggest that the Italians won this years world cup.

(photo taken by gingium )

It would have been far too fitting for Italy to lose again on penalties, but apparently that curse is now only applicable to English fans. Not sure if the game was any good. I’ll be honest I stopped watching last weekend when England was knocked out. Plus my second favorite team, Portugal, started playing like a bunch of poofters. In addition, I’m a sore assholic loser.

(photo courtesy of icathing on flickr)

Anyways, it was a wonderful World Cup and it was a lot of fun this summer. I can’t wait for 2010 in South Africa. I’m sure all the little Italy’s in Toronto, Vancouver, and Bridgeland are going to be overflowing with Machismo men and thick dark chest hair oozing out of their undersized Totti jerseys. Just fucking great.

(For the record, if England would have won today it would have been pure pandemonium in the Turner apartment. I would be out there on 17th smashing up gravity pope with the rest of the Ex-pat hooligans with gaping bald spots, sandals & socks and undersized Rooney jerseys.)

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