Random Thoughts For Parade Day Thursday July 6, 2006

This morning is stampede parade day, which means the 12-day gong show which is the Calgary Exhibition & Stampede kicks off tonight.

Calgary Exhibition and Stampede - 77

I’m gonna stand on my urban soapbox here and give a boo-fucking-who to all the Stampede naysayers out there. First off, please stop whinnying about the excitable tourists, congested stampede grounds, country music and free pancake breakfasts. Yes, it can get a little annoying but honestly get over it. The Calgary Stampede is something completely unique to the urban make-up of Calgary.

Face it, there are maybe a handful of cities in the entire world that have a festival even comparable to the Stampede. Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Carnival in Rio, Winterlude in Quebec City, Oktoberfest in Munich. Really, how many cities in North American (or even Canada) shut down for 10 days to embrace some ridiculous festival? An entire industry basically slows down to a crawl to allow its workers an opportunity to plaster on tight Wranglers, drink budweiser and make out with Co-workers for 10 straight days each year. It’s such a surreal experience and it another reason why I love this city.

So I will declare, I love the Stampede and I love Calgary. Back to the Random Thoughts.

First – There is a great design company based here in Calgary called veer. The have some phenomenal fonts and provide some excellent stock footage. But they also create beautiful free wallpapers for your computer. They’ve released a bunch of new ones this past week. I’m a big fan of the Delicious Calendar ,Robot Attack and of course the American beer month.

Second – The average cost of a house in Calgary, has reached the astronomical price $400,000 mark. I love my city, but the housing market I have to believe that the housing market in this city is about to hit a huge correction. Yes, the economy is booming, the oil sands continue to grow in popularity, oil prices continue to skyrocket, we continue to grow, our hockey team just gets better and better, but this insanity has to end. 400,000 is an astronomical price tag for a half duplex. No matter how strong the economy a city solely based on a non-renewal resource such as oil cannot sustain this level of growth. It just can’t, can it?

Third – Just in time for the weekend, the unbelievable Busta Rhymes performance on the BET awards. I’m sorry, but is there anyone else in the Hip-hop world that didn’t get a verse on this performance. I think even the Kitchen sink got a few lyrics in. I suddenly feel like cashing in my RRSP’s and investing in some gold jewelery. Killer!

Calgary Stampede 1987 Belt Buckle

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