MixMaster + YouTube = Crazy Delicious Monday July 3, 2006

So I received a shout out from RaspberrySundae’s weblog this weekend for a link to a Beastie Boys/Gnarls Mash-up on You Tube. Which is a very humbling experience. But it also got me searching on You Tube before heading off to bed last night. Which is possibly the worst fucking way to waste time before going to bed, because You-Tube + [random subject matter] = crazy deliciousness.

What was the random subject matter last night? You Tube + Mix Master Mike = An opening set for the Beastie Boys in Dusseldorf

Yeah, I stayed up late searching for Mix Master Mike Clips. He’s an insane turntablist and until You Tube came around I’ve been at a loss trying to convince the roommate that scratch artistry is a legitimate musical talent. But now I have visual evidence without having to dragging her out to some DJ competition. Seriously, check out Mix Master’s introduction and think about how hard it is to drop a needle at home on your crappy record player. Then think about trying to do that while you are folding the record over. Think about it.

So links for Tuesday.

First – A great article on the web 2.0 Entrepreneurship-Hobbyist phenominum. Not only is it an interesting article about important social software like del.i.cious, & movable type, but it has an all important section on the blurbomat /dooce uber-blog-o-machine. The article is an interesting read none the less. Makes me wonder if ctoverdrive will be following suit with some ridiculous stay at home work scheme? … Hmm interesting.

Second – Airbag industries talks about watching the NBA Draft Live on Television. I like his take on the experience, but I am also one of those fan boys that will watch all three hours of NHL draft coverage. Come on, In 2004 I called in sick to watch the NHL trade deadline. On a side note the Raptors should have picked up Adam Morrison with the first pick. Sure the kid cried like a little baby for the last minute of that NCAA game, but look at that creepy moustache. He screams role model for all those little Torontonians.

Hmmm, YouTube + Adam Morrison + Crying = NBA Live Commercial

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i couldnt agree with you more, turntablism is an art and needs more recognition. The scratch piklz, xecutioners and the beat junkies all know how to hold it down. Praise the all might beat juggler

travis · Jul 4, 10:20 pm · #permalink


Roommate still need convincing? Search for some Kid Koala on YouTube. ‘Drunk Trompet’ and anything with his Moon River Deconstruction are unreal.

Jamie · Jul 5, 09:27 pm · #permalink


So I searched on YouTube last week for “Kid Kola” and it returned a video of two Kola’s humping. Searched again last night and found some wicked sets.

cturner · Jul 12, 10:13 am · #permalink

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