Random Thoughts For The Most Patriotic of Weekends Thursday June 29, 2006

Canada Day. A day to celebrate all things Canadiana. A day to enjoy Douglas Coupland’s Souvenirs of Canada, or maybe your favorite microbrew or if you are like our northern neighbors apparently it’s a great day for a Fucking R-I-O-T! (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist.)

So enjoy the Canada Day long weekend everyone.

First – Oh Shit Spiderman’s Gone EMO!

Alright, what is with the black hair on Parker? Has he been listening to too much Dashboard Confessional?

Anyways, the new teaser trailer for Spider-man 3 has been released and it looks fantastic. It looks like the story line will be taking a darker turn before MJ and Peter finally elope. For comic book nerds this film is going to be insane. Venom, Sandman, Gwen Stacy and the return of the Green Goblin; means that I can’t fucking wait for it to be released.

Update: After reading that blurb I doubt I will ever get laid again.

Second – A heavy handed critic of ESPN’s World Cup Coverage by the New York Times. I think the tag team coverage by TSN and Sportsnet has been perfect. I think the crew they have assembled adds the perfect balance of insight and analysis before and after the game with a great Canadian perspective. But I think it was a great choice to let the professionals at ITV and BBC do the commentary. (Although, I’m sure that has more to do with budget constraints than anything else) The British announcers are the real thing. After reading the comments from the Times article, I’m glad we don’t have to put up with Pierre McGuire or Bob McKenzie debating who was the Monster of the Match or making hockey and curling refrences during play. As a nation that would be too embarrassing to endure.

On a related note, I found this beautiful article by Ben Knight about the end of the Aussie’s storied run in Germany.

Third – I guess I should add some can-con content, after all it is Canada day. I caught the tail end of the Billy Talent intimate and interactive concert last night. Say what you will about the band, but you can’t deny that during their performances they leave it all on the table. Especially, lead singer Benjamin Kowalewicz, who always seems moments away from an aneurysm. I’ve heard on good word that Kowalewicz is usually in a state of borderline exhaustion at the end of every talent performance. From watching last nights performance I doubt that was an exaggeration. Plus, you’ve got to love a band name after a character in the Canadian cult classic Hardcore Logo!

Enjoy the weekend.

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