Looming Changes Wednesday July 5, 2006

I’m sorry, but I’ve been feeling a bit robotic with my posts of late. There has been a shift towards posts with a lot of interesting links, a few random glimpses in to my life, but nothing really personal. So, I think it is time to make a large stink entry in my blog.

Anyways, as the calendar just turned to July, I’m starting to realize that there are a series of looming personal changes on the horizon; some good, some horrible, some exciting and some daunting.

First and foremost, starting on September 1st, the great roommate experiment comes to a crashing halt. It has been an experience living with the significant other for the past two months. Luckily we have always gotten along stupidly well and the adjustment was pretty easy. Actually our only real challenges have come from the apartment itself. Oh yeah, and my addiction to crappy reality food shows and crack rock has been kind of a sore spot.

Once September 1st rolls around I’ll be looking to fill the void left by her four month departure to Barcelona. If it was three years ago, finding a suitable roommate would be easy. At that time most of my friends were living at home clamoring to get out. Last time it took all of 10 minutes to find a roommate. But things have changed; most of my acquaintances have finally moved out and the ones still lingering in their parent’s basement are a little phucked in the head. So it might be a venture into _SWF Craig’s list domain. _

Next, the whole non-drinking pact was unceremoniously derailed in June. It was going well for a while. I hit something like 98 days without a drinking episode. Which was pretty decent streak, but then I fell of the wagon. I’d love to say since my last fall from grace that I’ve climbed back on the bandwagon and stopped. Unfortunately it hasn’t panned out like. I could make up some shit ass excuse, like my cat was eaten or it was warm out or the England lost, but it’s not worth it. So I’m re-pledging myself to my intial goal. I’m at day 4 and I’m gonna stretch it further than before. Like fucking a hundred days or something. Well excluding my buddies bachelor party … and wedding … and folk fest.

What else is looming? Oh yes, I’m planning some fantastic voyages in the near future. Traveling always seems to rally the positivity in me and make life that much more exciting.

As mentioned with the roommate off to Barcelona, I’m obliged for a mandatory trip out to see her. So I’m planning a whirlwind trip through London, Barcelona and Palma Majorica. It’ll kind of be like heading back to the scene of a crime back in 2001. In addition I’m planning a quick jaunt out to Vancouver in September to maybe catch a show or check out the Artsy fartsy schools in the city. Plus SXSW is just around the corner again.

So that’s really the looming changes coming up. I guess nothing to drastic, but before i sat down it seemed worse.

Oh wait, there’s another large change coming.

... but I’m not comfortable enough to reveal it. But If you combine everything else, let’s just say September is going to be a really insane month. So for next little while I’m either going to worry about these looming changes or I just phase out and shove my finger up my nostril.

Looming Changes - Ah! Fuck it.

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