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ctoverdrive's Top Five Records of 2019 Saturday December 14, 2019

That time of year again kids. Yup, it is time to dust off those pretentious hats and come up with my top five records of the year. I won’t bother you with my usual spiel from the past five years of being old and out of touch and instead this time, I’ll just cut to the chase and get to the beef of my list

5. Baroness – Gold & Grey

The first record in ye’ old #top5of2019 list is Baroness’ Gold & Grey. Probably one of the best ‘rock’ albums I’ve heard in a long, long time. While the rock/alternative/metal genre feels dead and buried nowadays, it was nice to hear someone carrying the torch for the few of us still craving some early Queens Of The Stone Age-inspired ‘stoner’ rock.

4. Bon Iver – i,i

If feels like you’re either a pre-Kanye Bon Iver fan or a post-Kanye fan. I fall smack dab into the Post-Kanye Bon Iver fandom. 22 A MILLION is still one of my favourite records of the past decade and this year’s follow up doesn’t disappoint at all.

3. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse Soundtrack

Technically this is a 2018 record, but it was released last year after everyone put together their ‘best of’ lists. If you haven’t seen the movie or listened to the soundtrack by now, I’m not sure there is much I can do to help you on the pop culture front. It’s pretty much perfect from beginning to end and for an old fossil like me, it gave me a better understanding of the appeal that the next generation of hip-hop artists are bringing to the masses.

2. Beck – Hyperspace

While not as energetic or as exciting as ‘Colors’ from a few years ago, ‘Hyperspace’ is probably my second favourite record of the year and one of my favourite Beck records. A weird mix of 80s-synth-pop and ‘B’ sides from earlier Beck albums, but still something that still feels like a great Beck album.

1. IGOR – Tyler, The Creator

… and the final record of #ctoverdrivetop5 goes to Tyler, The Creator’s IGOR. Not going to lie, I had zero expectations this would be any good, but instantly fell in love with its quirky early-N.E.R.D. soulful crooning vibe. Easily my favourite and most listened to record of the year.

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