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ctoverdrive's Top Five Records of 2018 Saturday December 29, 2018

It might just be my age, but I thought 2018 was a pretty lacklustre year for music. Yes, I acknowledge I’m not the music aficionado that I was for most of my 20s, but putting this list together was an epic chore. I have a list of far more disappointing records, then I do of records that blew my mind away. Most of the bands who should have put together some interesting music, [cough] Arctic Monkeys [cough], laid bonafide eggs and others didn’t release any thing of interest. And given the political climate and social turmoil engulfing the world, you’d think that 2018 would have been a perfect year for music to provide a societal elixir.

But alas, it wasn’t.

But even with that debbie downer of a preamble, enjoy my list. If you have a recommendation, that isn’t Kendrik Lamar, I’d love to hear it. Hope you enjoy’em and find some new music to listen to over round out the holidays.

1. Young Fathers – Cocoa Sugar

I stumbled upon this gem, while doing my yearly poaching of records from various best of lists and I am so happy I found it. Now I will warn you it’s a totally unique listen and it’ll take a listen or two to really dig into the fascinating vocal and sonic layers and lyrical play/structure. So it takes a bit of a patience, but the reward is fantastic. Tracks like In My View, Fee Fi, Lord, and Wow are easily career making standouts. It’s really not a record that can be easily compared to anything else out there, so it’s best to just fire up the headphones and strap yourself in for a weird wonderful journey.

2. Dear Rouge – PHASES

Even though a couple of their hits, are probably overplayed a bit due to can-con regulations, this is easily my favourite “alternative/rock” record of 2018. If you need something to quench that CHVRCHES or early Metric vibe, then Phases is the record for you. Dear Rouge is probably one of the few Canadian acts that I would strongly recommend keeping an eye out for in the near future. They have star potential written all over them.

(Plus the added head nod to my favourite mid ranged city along the QEII also helps their cool factor).

3. Pusha T – Daytona

Even with the taint of a MAGA-era Kanye West (who produced the album as apart of his infamous Wyoming sessions), Daytona is Pusha T at his finest. Not that it should be a surprise to anyone who has been following his career since his days with The Clipse and The Neptunes movement of the early 2000s.

4. Elton John – Reimagining the Songs of Elton John & Bernie Taupin

I have always had a soft spot for a good set of covers, so when Queens of The Stone Age announced they had contributed their take on Yellow Brick Road I was already sold. Oddly enough, it’s probably not the strongest of the covers on this collection. Tracks such as Alessia Cara’s cover of I Guess That’s Why They Call It The Blues and Sam Smith’s cover of Daniel are the true gems of this compilation.

5. Black Panther – Original Soundtrack

As I’ve stated about 2,000 times, I am in no way a massive Kendrick Lamar fan. For whatever reason, he falls into my category of acts like Arcade Fire ‘that everyone adores, but I just don’t get’. But this record, this record is just exceptionally crafted. Not a single track on it doesn’t embody the spirit and feel of the movie – and in this day and age of one-hit wonders that on to itself is achievement. Plus it produced two of the mot unique pop tracks of the year in All The Stars and Pray For Me.

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