Random Thoughts For The Queen of the Harpies Thursday June 22, 2006

Oh Jose, Say it ain’t so!

You’ve gone from the toast of Montreal, to a one-night fling with Paris Hilton. Now you’re out on the street. Your woman doesn’t want anything to do with you. Oh Jose! What were you thinking? How did you not know that Paris Hilton is Queen of the Harpies. Queen of the Haaarpies she is! She’s just going to use you. Oh Jose!

First – Volkswagen has rechristen it’s line of VW Golfs as the new Rabbit Let me get this straight the new Rabbits are actually just the American Golfs, but more expensive. I’m not a car enthusiast but the reintroduction of the Rabbit peaked my interest. I even contemplated purchasing one. Now that I know it’s just a more expensive version of the Golf, maybe I’ll hold off and cross the boarder to purchase an American version.

Second – Alright with what should be the last two hockey related story for at least a couple of months. The Anaheim Ducks finally revealed their new jerseys. It’s too bad they didn’t keep that Duck Hunt shoulder patch. That would have been pretty hilarious. On another note, those crazy Carolina Hurricanes really know how to one up Edmonton. First they win the cup and now the whole team goes out and trashes Raliegh.

I have never seen a scarier bunch group of people … They all had scraggily looking beards and they reeked of sweat and alcohol. They were screaming things like ‘We fucking did it!’ and ‘Stanley!’ ... Sherwood suffered a mild concussion as well as facial lacerations after being forced to drink warm champagne out of “some type of weird bird-bath.”


Third – It is time to enlist and chose your side in the great debate of 2006. Are you pro-clogs? Or are you anti-clogs?

the blurbomat clog army

At ctoverdrive, we’ve been pro-clogs since 2002. I own one hellova a pair of Puma clogs. Although they could be the smelliest things alive, they are mine and they are comfortable. Any woman who prevents their significant other from wear clogs, should join the Paris Hilton – Queen of the Harpies on her throne Evil.

Via la Clogs! (Well at least the Puma Variety)

Fourth – To start the weekend off Gnarls Barkley vs. The Beastie Boys.
Wait for it … Wait for it … Yes that track is guaranteed fresh, Grand Royal style!

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Connor, science has proven on countless occassions that there are two automobiles that straight men should never drive.
One is the Mazda Miata.
And the other is the white VW Golf convertible. It just screams ‘Vanna White circa 1986’. I’m afraid the Rabbit would bring you dangerously close to ‘Miata-ville’, if you catch my drift…

Jamie · Jun 23, 11:06 am · #permalink


I’m gonna shove a clog up your ass! And not one of those fancy Puma ones, one of those wooden ones! That’s all splintery!

I’m sorry, that was uncalled for.

hobo4hire · Jun 23, 07:00 pm · #permalink


Jezus Travis, that was un-called for. Still it was pretty wicked. Enjoy Luongo in Van-city.

Don’t worry Rennie, the Old Rig-pig truck will never be retired. It may have been stolen and smeared in A&W goodness, but it shall never die.

cturner · Jun 24, 11:15 am · #permalink

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