Mr.Mac vs Mr.PC Wednesday June 21, 2006

Here’s a good article written by Seth Stevenson about the Mac vs. PC Ads appearing around the old Tel-o-vision landscape.

After reading it, I have to admit I really agree with Seth’s take on the campaign. Well, except for his comment about Justin Long. He’s a pretty decent young actor. Any actor who gets the thumbs up from Vince Vaughn and the Frat Pack gets my respect too. Plus did you see him in Herbie Fully Loaded? His chemistry with Lindsay Lohan was … Alright, I’m on a tangent. A Tangent! a Tangent!! Anyways, I agree with his take on the commercials; they are aesthetically pleasing, nicely done, do a great job of simply conveying their message, but they come off extremely irritating. As Stevenson notes:

If you’re a first-time buyer, the idea that a Mac will make your life immeasurably easier sure does sound appealing. But if you’re a PC user, these ads are more likely to irritate you than convert you.

Since I’m not a Mac-evangelist these commercials have been really annoying me. For some reason, even though they are intended to be light hearted and enjoyable, they come off smug and somewhat arrogant. And this is from someone who wants to make the big switch to a Mac. But after these commercials I’m less inclined to make the jump. I sort feel insulted by them.

I think there is a weird kind of reasoning or defensiveness that is triggered by these commercial. It is sort of like when a 50 year old smoker, who should know better, refuses to quit when confronted by his all-knowing 15 year old niece. Or in the same light, how many MacDonald’s lovers a couple of years ago reacted when that skinny vegetarian art-school-filmmaker began ‘proving’ that Big Macs were horrible for you. Pretty much every one knows McDonald’s is bad for you; but at the same time having a smug little twerp rub it in your face, makes you far less inclined to fold up the defenses and convert.

Don’t get me Wrong. When Super Size Me came out I couldn’t believe people who had saw it a) didn’t like it and b) kept on eating at McDonald’s. But now I understand. People are somewhat stubborn and when forcefully told something in a manner which kind of degrades their personal preference, they’ll tend to resist and become more resilient to the product. It’s why people generally don’t like tree-huggers. So, I think that’s why I find these commercials so annoying. Every one knows Mac’s are far simpler and more efficient machines, but I find it tough to break a routine. Plus I’m sort of a luddite and I enjoy my quirky machines. But that’s just my opinion and I’m sure that there is a Mac-evangelist ready to berate me with a series of emails.

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Count me as one of the many irritated PC users. Many of the commercials are simply wrong.
A device designed and released for the Mac only? In the USB/Firewire era? Hah, right… It’s the manufacturers who make the drivers, not the OS creater (Microsoft). In fact, I havn’t had a device not work since I had a computer running Window’s 98… about 4 years ago. Almost all computer hardware is interchangeable between both platforms now as well… so… play fair Apple. Stop misrepresenting things.

I’d argue that Mac’s are harder to use simply because most of the control is lifted from you. That might be nice for Grandma, but I like knowing what I’m doing, and I’m rather fond of my right mouse button. I imagine this sentiment echo’s accross the legions of people working in cubicles all over the world.

Still, my next laptop is likely gonna be an Apple. Why? So my iPods can finally colour co-ordinate with my computer.

ryan · Jun 21, 09:38 pm · #permalink


after seeing super size me i went directly to mcdonalds for a quarter pounder. it made me hungry!

ps – i recently switched to a mac. it was a long and arduous decision but i am happy with my new computer.

kristin · Jun 22, 08:24 am · #permalink


The difference between the (admittedly irritating) Mac ads and your hypothetical anti-smokers and vegetarians is that the Mac vs. PC debate really comes down to an issue of ‘brand’. A better comparison would be the 50 year old smoker listening to an asinine poser tell him that Marlboro’s just aren’t as cool as Camel’s.
The whole Mac / PC war has been irrelevant for years. “Oh, I can’t figure out a Mac, I’ve always used a PC… ” What, are you my mother? Does a one button mouse really throw your world into disarray?
They’re both computers. You can check your email, run applications, play music, and find videos of monkeys masturbating. The differences are entirely cosmetic – this is Coke vs. Pepsi, only with more nerds involved. Pick a brand and enjoy.

Oh, and bonus points for recognizing that Luddites actually did use machines. I never understood why ‘Luddite’ was considered an insult…

Jamie · Jun 22, 11:04 am · #permalink


I know two brothers that snuck giant Big Macs into Supersize me and they eat them as they watched the movie. That blew my mind. I could barely look at fries for two weeks after watching it.

Yeah, I’ve never really been in the whole PC vs. Mac debate, I just really find these commercials irritating. I appreciate the comment about the brand difference. I guess that might work a little better, but it’s not nearly as dramatic. Plus, I can’t really think of a comparable argueement. Maybe VHS vs. Beta back in the day. In addition, everyone knows Lucky Strikes are the way to go if you smoke.

Oh Lucky Strikes, how I miss your smooth velvety taste.

On a side note: I would never drink Coke, that shit’s got aspartame and can kill babies.

cturner · Jun 23, 10:38 am · #permalink


Wonderful written article by Seth Stevenson about the Mac vs. PC Ads appearing around the old Tel-o-vision landscape.
I just want to say that I’ve enjoyed reading article and Hope to read more from you..

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