Paddy Not Patty: 2014 Edition Wednesday March 12, 2014

So… Monday is St. Patrick’s day. Yes, it would be really hard to miss this fact. But as a red blooded irglishman, it’s my duty to remind everyone that it is Paddy Not Patty.

Yes… I pull this web site out around this time every year, but it’s a good reminder. So before you go off to get slaughtered on expired pints of stale Guinness have a bit of a read.

And while you’re at it also memorize this nugget.

Shamrock isn’t just any auld piece of clover: it’s three-leafed. Tradition holds that Saint Patrick used shamrock to teach the Trinity. Give it a bit o’ thought before ye slap a lucky four-leaf clover on yer plastic leprechaun hat.

Also while I’m lecturing people on this, I do have to be honest and admit that from 2004-2007(ish) I was guilty of ordering my fair share of Irish Car Bombs.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all.

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