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Belated One Hundredth Post Tuesday June 20, 2006

So I guess a couple of days ago ctoverdrive reached it’s 100th post. I guess this is further proof that I might need to get a life. Anyways, some observations over the last 100 posts.

  • For a guy trying to stop drinking, I sure do talk a lot about American Beer and British Beer.
  • I have a Horrible T-shirt Fetish.
  • The site is horribly skitsophrenic and changes pretty much everyday. I’m sorry about that.
  • Somebody should buy this yahoo a decent grammar/spell checker. My god, thi s is sites whorrible to read.

Anyways, I hope the blog is still somewhat entertaining and I hope you keep on reading. So how about some weird links to celebrate.

First – The single most hilarious morning commercial. This is what happens when people who constantly vomit sunshine take over the world and torture us with their excitement.

Second – Although these sleeping bag suits look pretty spectacular, what happens when you have gas? Come on. Think about it. Now how cool these suits look cool? I didn’t think so.

Third – Apparently Kid Rock likes the Canes.

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