It Really Is A Bloody Big Deal Friday January 17, 2014

It’s no secret that because of our time in Washington, my wife and I became pretty big fans of The MLS. I was wooed to the red and black colours of DC United and my wife pledged here allegiance to the Rose city and the Portland Timbers.

Now being in Canada, and more precisely the MLS wasteland of Alberta it’s pretty rare to come across news of the league.

So it came as a major shock that Toronto FC (TFC for short) signed English International and Tottenham legend Jermain Dafoe. As much as this great commercial (and campaign) plays on English football stigmas and people’s reactions, I pretty much had the exact same reaction… but replace coffee with a series of expletives.

So besides being a brilliant commercial campaign, the signing of Jermain Dafoe is a huge coup. But it’s hard to explain to the average Canadian who probably only knows of Wayne Rooney and David Beckham’s sexy underwear, so here’s my best description.

This would be the equivalent of Jarome Iginla signing with a HC Davos of the Swiss Elite league. It’s basically a once dominate legend, yet still in the tail end of his prime, who played his whole career for a team which has never really been considered in the upper echelon circles, choosing to continue their career in a foreign league. Now, I’m obviously taking some liberaties with my metaphor, but it’s very similar.

So yes, Jermain Dafoe joining Toronto FC is a bloody big deal and the marketing department at MLSE nailed it.

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