Riding The Bus With Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Friday January 17, 2014

Love for Macklemore & Ryan Lewis? Check.

Love of guerilla music projects in unusual locations Check.

Then of course this is going to be awesome. Ryan Lewis & Macklemore dropping Can’t Hold Us on a NYC bus.

Oh and here’s how it was made.

Rigging a bus with enough cameras to capture every angle of the duo performing “Can’t Hold Us” in such a small space without giving anything away wasn’t easy. “Our production partner Tool of North America planted GoPros in places where they were pretty invisible,” says Rayburn. “They also planted some camera guys with camera phones.” The agency assures us the people riding the bus had absolutely no idea what was going to happen. “Their reactions to Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ appearance are 100% real.”

Almost tops, Atomic Tom’s iPhone Subway video…

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