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A year of and Good Habits Wednesday February 5, 2014

So … about a year ago, I made a incredibly vague New Year’s resolution to finally follow through and live a healthier lifestyle. The idea was to try and work to generally improve myself both physically, mentally and career wise.

And now as a honest caveat, I personally stopped making specific resolutions a couple of years ago. To be frank, I’ve always found New Year’s resolutions a great idealistic concept, but far to difficult to maintain (just like everyone else in the world). Stuff like only eating salads instead of fries or running three times a week sounds great, BUT once the trivial nature of life kicks in I’ve always find them difficult to maintain.

In addition, as a inherently grouchy Irish/Englishman I have a massive aversion to self help gurus and that form of rational thinking.

But last year, I remembered a couple talks/blog posts I had read from Julien Smith on breaking habits. His philosophy is that all humans have habits. Some are important for survival (for example eating at established periods of the day and sleeping four hours a day). While others are bad habits that we’ve learned over time. Julien Smith’s idea is that if you really want to change how you live your life, eat healthier or just doing things differently, you have to turn these goals into positive habits.

Smith’s advice is to embrace our instincts to live by habits and patterns and then focus on deconstructing bad habits and establish good ones. His idea being that it’s not about doing something radical and new, but it’s about inserting good habits into your life.

So last year, I set about inserting good habits in to my daily routine.

One of the tools that Smith mentioned in his various posts was a tool called

Lift is one of about 1,000 self-help apps out on the web, but rather than trying to act as your mini work out coach, Lift works to help establish simple daily habits or rituals. You set-up your lift account with a list of tasks you want to do on a daily basis and then through Lift’s interface you track how frequently you achieve them.

Now for me Lift worked because I set some of the most ridiculous easily habits out there. Stuff like Flossing once a day (something I’ve never done), taking Vitamin D (something my doctor told me to do years ago and I’ve never done), drinking a glass of water every day (again something I’ve never done before) and reading a book for ten minutes a day. These don’t sound like impressive targets, but for a perpetual procrastinator like myself and someone who still feels like he’s an invincible 24 year old, these tasks that seem to fall by the wayside.

So how was my year of habit forming and

Well, if you’re interested of how my year of using Lift was, check out my profile.

In 2013, throughout all the turmoil, I was able to make some impressive strides on my goals from last year. Not only was I was able to maintain a daily regiment of taking Vitamin D, Drinking a Glass of Water, Flossing and also Eating Fruit/Drinking Milk, but I was also able to inject some other important routines in my daily life. Activities such as Reading a book for 10 minutes, Writing a Blog Post or even just sending a Non-work related email out to a friend.

And while was pretty instrumental in reinforcing these habits, the real achievement in this year challenge is that activities such taking Vitamin D, Flossing, Drinking water etc., have all become morning rituals. Activities that I do now as naturally as having my morning cigarette and coffee or checking into Foursquare the second I step foot into a Starbucks (both of which are incredibly horrible habits).

So yes, for someone who isn’t really known for being overtly obsessive with my own health and well being – my year with and creating good habits was a smashing success. So if you’re looking to improve or follow through on some New Years resolutions, give some of the writings of Julien Smith a whirl and download Lift.

I have no guarantee it’ll work for you, but I found great success with both.

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