The Adventures 2013 Saturday December 28, 2013

Hmm… well with December winding down and 2014 around the corner it’s time for another yearly c.t.overdrove tradition – The Adventures Post!

As with past posts, The Adventures Post is where I lists the cities I’ve spent one or more nights in over the past year. The idea is completely stolen borrowed from and has been a constant staple on the old c.t.overdrive. Think of it as an outside of the box year in review post.

In a year where I thought that 2012 was a somewhat crummy year, 2013 managed to not only top 2012 for crumminess but absolutely blow it out of the water. 2013 was a shitvlanche. That’s pretty much the summation of it and it’s reflected in the lack luster adventures for the year.

1. Ottawa, ON
2. Montreal, QC
3. Ottawa, ON
4. Calgary, AB
5. Ottawa, ON
6. Red Deer, AB
7. Calgary, AB

2013 will only be memorable in the record books for two major personal events. The first is the end of Ottawa experiment for myself and the second, which is probably the most redeeming, is the addition of The Right Honourable Mulroney to #TeamTurner.

At this point, I should probably say something along the lines of well 2014 can’t be any worse than 2013, but I said that last year and look where that got us. So instead, I’ll just leave it at …

Adios 2013, Hello 2014.

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