Thank-You-Whale-a-canes! Monday June 19, 2006

Thank Christ!

Alright, I know it’s pretty classless to rub salt in the wounds of an arch rival, but thank Christ all that is over! The summer is now saved and all is back to normal in the hockey world. I am so relieved the whale-a-canes finally pulled it off. I’ll admit the Boilers made it pretty interesting, but there is little sympathy at ctoverdrive. Now all the oilers fans know the agony we had in ‘04. I’m not going to dish out sympathy, If you want that Tony Pierce or the Big dude are the places to drown your sorrows. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Canes/Whalers franchise and nothing can remove the pure joy of watching ex-flames Commodore and Stillman raise the Cup.

Thank God, the seasons over. Now I can have my summer back and get back to sitting in a smokey pub concentrating on the World cup.

(image courtesy of TSN)

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