Blood, Sweat and Water Thursday August 1, 2013

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to return to my beloved home town of Calgary. And like every trip home it was a ridiculous trip back, with not enough hours in the day to achieve everything I wanted. But with the recent Floodageddon in Southern Alberta, this trip home was extra special and emotional. And as I tend to do, I really want to write an epic opus about the trip and how proud I am to be from that grey concrete slab in the middle of the prairies, but as always I haven’t had the time to put my thoughts into pixels.

But what I did stumble upon after returning was this brilliant homage to the determination of Southern Albertans from everyone’s favourite ex-prairie punk, turned Grande old-Opry country superstar Corb Lund.

It really doesn’t need much explanation on why it’s such an epic and timely track, but needless to say upon my return to the east, I had it on repeat for a good three to four hours.

Well done Calgary, well done.

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