Happy St. Patrick's Day 2013 Saturday March 16, 2013

Ah yes, tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day.

And while my days of stumbling along the streets in a haze of Irish stout are long past me, it’s still always good to think about Ireland and home. So to celebrate yet another St. Patrick’s Day in the book, I figured I’d post a couple of videos and links to get you in the mood.

As always there is the must read of proper guidelines for celebrating the day, with this fantastic site – Paddy, not Patty. Also while it’s not the most famous clip from the Simpsons, it’s still a gooder.

… and since some horrible euro-rapper butcher the Cranberries’ classic Zombie with a horrible sample here’s the heart wrenching original.

And it wouldn’t be a day to celebrate Ireland without honouring the Emerald Isle’s Charelton Heston … Liam Neeson.

Enjoy kids.

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