CabinFever Sunday June 18, 2006


So the Summer of NewCastle has really been the Summer of Sitting Inside with Endless Hours of Sporting Goodness. Not that I’m really complaining but with the World cup, the Mavs in the NBA finals and that other shitty sport, its almost impossible to pry my Irish arse from the television. Especially for the weekend. Why can’t all this happen during the dead of winter, when it is not sunny? Why God? Why?

Anyways, I got the opportunity to visit the last morsel of hidden vacation land in Alberta, the crowsnest pass region. Sure it was at the expense of the epic USA – Italy match and 8 straight hours of sporting goodness on saturday, but it sort of felt good to be out of the city. I did miss the comfort of ripping my hair and screaming at the TV., but being away from that ridiculously adorable Jose +10 probably did something for my sanity.

Anyways, nothing really drastic to mention, but I though I’d post something. Ohh wait. I just found out WildRose Industrial Park Ale now comes in Bottles.

Yes, the glorious taste of Ogden now in bottles. It’s Industrial, because it is brewed with a high concentration of DDT.

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